Booster car lightweight new future

With the increasing pressure of automobile fuel consumption, the short range of new energy needs to be filled, and lightweight has gradually become an important label for automotive products. For automobile light weight, on the one hand, we should give the car "weight loss" on the premise of ensuring safety and performance, on the other hand, we should reduce oil consumption and displacement to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, under the guidance of many policies, driven by the market, automobile lightweight has ushered in the spring of innovation and development.

As the sponsor of many years' experience in the exhibition and the accumulation of heavy industry, the Expo Group has launched the "2018 Asian auto lightweight Exhibition", and has built the "automobile light quantified results exhibition area", and is open to the industry to collect the outstanding achievements of light quantification, and obtain the raw materials department and related industries of the Ministry of industry and information. The great support and high praise of the association. The exhibition area has attracted the active participation of many enterprises, including high strength steel, light alloy, engineering plastics / composite materials, new materials, parts, machinery and equipment. Finally, with the selection of many industry experts, 46 enterprises will bring nearly 100 products to the exhibition site. What new technologies, new technologies and new technologies will they bring to the industry? Let's take a look at them first.

Innovative materials lead the automobile industry to advance

The mainstay of l high strength steel automobile material

In order to comply with the dual requirements of lightweight and safety development, steel, as the preferred material for body structural parts, is developing continuously with high strength. At present, the proportion of high strength steel used in vehicle body has reached 60%, and the intensity level is also rising. This year's exhibition, Baoshan and Ma Steel's body in white, Shougang Group's cold rolled complex phase steel, ultra high strength martensitic steel of ruisteel, and high strength thermoforming steel of Benxi Iron and Steel Group will appear in the Asia automobile lightweight exhibition. According to the relevant staff of the organizers, the group will also start the world's first high strength hot stamping and forming steel PHS2000, and the application of high strength thin wall can reduce the weight of single piece by 20%.

L Star aluminum makes cars lighter and safer

Aluminum alloy has become the star material of automobile industry in recent years because of its lighter quality and better performance. Relevant data show that in 2017, China's total aluminum consumption reached 3 million 711 thousand tons throughout the year. Casting aluminum alloy, forging aluminum alloy, aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum plate and other types of aluminum materials are widely used in body, chassis and other systems. In addition, with the outbreak of the new energy vehicle market, the full aluminum body, aluminum alloy battery pack and other aspects also ushered in the climax of development and application.

In the light quantified exhibition area, many types of body and chassis parts, such as aluminum alloy battery pack, wing plate, collision avoidance beam and sub frame, will bring about the application of aluminum alloy new material technology in automobile manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that Chinalco will bring the whole aluminum body of its hybrid vehicle, which is jointly developed with the Geely Automobile, to show the exhibition site. It will show the "package" solution of aluminum alloy lightweight application in many aspects, such as aluminum alloy material development, body structure design, parts molding, connection assembly and so on.

In addition, under the condition of poor casting strength and high cost of forging application, semi-solid forming provides a new idea for the application of aluminum alloys. Research Technology Group Limited will also bring a variety of semi-solid forming aluminum alloy automotive components. The cost of the product is the same as that of the cast aluminum alloy, and its performance is close to that of the forging aluminum alloy. Under the trend of all Aluminizing of the automobile heat dissipating system, the silver state metal composite Limited by Share Ltd will bring a new scheme of brazed aluminum alloy composite with high strength, corrosion resistance and heat dissipation.

L high value magnesium alloy provides a new light weight selection

Magnesium alloy is the most potential metal material in the automobile industry. Its quality is light, its strength and rigidity are higher than steel and aluminum. Magnesium alloy has high damping capacity, and is an ideal lightweight substitute for automobile hub and seat frame. Linzhou Dingxin magnesium industry and Henan Dewei technology will bring forward application of magnesium alloy wheels.

L engineering plastics and composite materials are good helpers for vehicle weight loss.

As plastic and composite materials are used more and more in automobiles, Experts predict that by 2020, the average plastic consumption of cars will reach 500kg/. The large application of plastics depends on the continuous progress of material technology. In recent years, the development and application of a series of high performance plastics and composites, such as low density plastic, micro foamed plastic, carbon fiber / long glass fiber reinforced composites, has made the weight reduction effect of automobile obviously improved. It is understood that a number of enterprises which are focused on the development and application of high performance plastic and composite materials for vehicle use, such as Xinda, Kos creation, Kantian composite materials, Kantian composite material, CAC composite material, polysaxon, Fujian sea source, will fully display the parts of plastic and composite materials in the car door, front end block, bumper, engine cover and so on Innovative application.

In addition, Huayang new material will also bring the innovative application of basalt fiber reinforced resin matrix composites in leaf springs. The Taizhou super fine force molding has developed the innovative application of hemp and wood fiber reinforced composite materials in the doors and windows.

Innovative connection technology to make multi material lightweight without worries

The lightweight development guided by new materials will undoubtedly face major problems of material connection. Especially the expansion of automotive material system, the connection of dissimilar materials has become the focus of new material application. The 4 solution of the riveting of the aluminum alloy body of pureas has realized the intelligent upgrading of the riveting assembly, which has the characteristics of production automation, intelligent equipment, information of production data, and network of equipment system. Its unique lock and riveting process can realize the connection of different materials, different thickness and different strength materials, which will become a highlight of this "automobile light quantified result display area".

In addition, Arnold fasteners, fasteners, Shanghai webo and many other enterprises will focus on displaying and fastening, sticking, bonding, tightening and other comprehensive solutions covering metal and non-metallic materials, so that the application of new materials will not worry about the future.

2018 Asian auto lightweight exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center in July 11th. The carefully built auto lightweight exhibition area will use advanced, innovative and comprehensive product display to make you feel the new future of automobile light weight. The expert leaders from the industry will also gather in Shanghai to explore the development of automotive frontiers and the leading technology, to lighten the market and to unlock the new tomorrow of automobile light weight.

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